Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

Chugging along for the week. With most universities in the middle of their summer sessions, the higher education ITSM world is a little quiet right now.

The Forbes article below should give every service provider a moment of pause. Are your service offerings evolving to meet changing business needs? Are you offering services that no longer serve your customers well (or at all)? Are you re-evaluating your service offerings on a regular basis to determine their continued need and viability?

Let’s get to our links:

Ready for Windows 10?

logo-windows-10A little over a month from now, Microsoft will release the latest version of its Windows operating system. Windows 10 is a significant step up from its immediate predecessors and bound to draw a lot of interest from end users. Because the upgrade will be free for a lot of devices, it’s a good idea for support organizations to get familiar and get ready.

Microsoft has provided several helpful presentations on Windows 10 changes and opportunities for IT organizations. These were made available during their recent Ignite 2015 conference. Here’s a few highlights to get a jump on the upcoming changes.


Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

Welcome back! First, a quick note about the first HDI link below. This is a virtual conference link with content recorded during HDI’s annual conference in Las Vegas during March 2015. I watched several of the webinars made available and found much of the content useful and interesting. HDI did an excellent job of providing a selection of sessions to appeal to just about everyone in ITSM and customer support roles.