Interesting ITSM Links for the Week: Extra!

Lots of interesting discussions and ideas in the ITSM world this month. As a lot of IT groups in higher education prepare themselves for a new school year, many are taking the time to better understand how they organize, explain, and structure their services. This naturally spills into discussions of how these services align with competing business objectives. Take a look at some of the following interesting explorations in organizing these efforts.

See you next week!

Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

It’s hot and steamy once again in Washington, DC. These sorts of days make me want to alternately stay indoors and avoid the humidity OR get outside and enjoy the pool. Decisions.

This week’s selection of links is an interesting mix. Have a look:


Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

This week’s links are heavy on webcasts, but there’s lots of interesting ideas to be discovered. If you haven’t visited BrightTalk’s IT Service Management community, you’re missing a lot of other interesting topics. Check it out for yourself!

Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

This week’s selection of links includes an interesting discussion regarding password manager applications for general departmental use. Although the discussion linked below references repositories used by multiple people, it raises an interesting line of thought regarding individual users’ password security. A separate post on password security as it relates to ITSM will follow soon.