Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

It’s hot and steamy once again in Washington, DC. These sorts of days make me want to alternately stay indoors and avoid the humidity OR get outside and enjoy the pool. Decisions.

This week’s selection of links is an interesting mix. Have a look:


Supplemental Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

Time once again for a few interesting ITSM-related links. Some interesting additions for this week.

The HDI business case article listed above is of particular interest to any ITSM practitioner that’s working to either implement an ITSM system OR attempting to explain the value of one to senior leadership. We sometimes fail to explain the efficiencies of an ITSM system in business terms, or at very least forget to obtain buy-in from our business customers. The business case is one of the best tools to explain the value of supporting an ITSM initiative from both a leadership perspective as well as financial.

See you next week!