Interesting ITSM Links: The Future edition

This week’s links focus on “the future.” Because we spend so much of our time attempting to quantify the past so we can prepare for what’s coming next, it’s important to take some time to think about how you want to get there. How do your ITSM initiatives and plans impact the future of your organization? Do your plans align with future business objectives?

Interesting ITSM Links: Metrics edition

This week’s links focus on metrics and reporting. Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the United States!

Interesting ITSM Links: Service Desk edition

This week’s interesting links focus once again on the service desk and front line support. Now that Customer Service Week has come and gone, how are you ensuring your first line of support is equipped and prepared to meet your customers’ needs?


Interesting ITSM Links: Change edition

This week’s interesting links share the common theme of change and progression. Because change is an inevitable aspect to how we manage service offerings, the workforce, and the service lifecycle, it’s similarly important to think about the reasons for change. The ZDNet article regarding the proposed merger of Dell and EMC is a timely reminder of how changes to organizations (service providers and customers, alike) have a material impact on our environment.

Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

This week’s interesting links include two webinars geared toward services management and support in a higher education context. See you next week!


Interesting ITSM Links: Service Desk edition

Welcome back! This week’s interesting links have an emphasis on the service desk. The EDUCAUSE discussion thread on extending hours of support is a great conversation among several universities regarding how they’ve increased their hours of support through a variety of means.

Interesting ITSM Links: Customer Service edition

It’s Customer Service Week! What a fantastic opportunity to think about how IT organizations handle the needs of their users. This week’s interesting links discuss several topics in and around serving the needs of customers. The EDUCAUSE discussion link listed below is an interesting conversation between several university IT service professionals and worthy of a few moments of thought.

Interesting ITSM Links: Service Catalog edition

This week’s interesting links discussion focuses specifically on service catalogs. EDUCAUSE provides useful discussions on services routinely, and these links are of particular interest. With so many IT organizations within higher education focusing on business outcomes, insights from various members of the EDUCAUSE organization highlight this change in thinking. The ITIL discussion group had several particularly illuminating conversations this month regarding structure and organization of catalogs in an educational institution context.