Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

For most universities in the United States, classes are now underway. I would imagine most of my ITSM colleagues in higher education are quite busy with new students, new faculty, and new requests for service and support. Best of luck to everyone!

This week’s links are follow ups on topics explored previously on this website.

Best of luck with the week!

Interesting ITSM Links: Problem Management edition

Problem SolvingThis week’s interesting links post is geared specifically around problem management processes. Does your IT organization have a problem management process in place? Do you track problems separately from incidents? How do you organize your response efforts to reports of problems?

These webinars contain some interesting discussion points. For organizations that struggle with managing problems and issue resolution, these may contain some helpful leads.


Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

This week’s links are heavy on webcasts, but there’s lots of interesting ideas to be discovered. If you haven’t visited BrightTalk’s IT Service Management community, you’re missing a lot of other interesting topics. Check it out for yourself!