Webinar Fever: Continual Service Improvement edition

Improvement AheadThere were a number of interesting webinars online this past week discussing elements of Continual Service Improvement (CSI). For practitioners of IT service management, we are aware of the need to evaluate, adapt, improve, replace, and sometimes retire services. The concept of CSI allows an IT organization to evaluate needs and offerings at every step of the evaluation, design, transition, and operation phases of a service’s lifecycle. Even the CSI process itself is subject to its own continual improvement efforts.

Enjoy the following discussions of CSI, its impacts on ITSM, and how it can be used to ensure your IT organization is meeting the needs of your business.


Interesting ITSM Links: Customer Service edition

This week’s links focus on the topic of customer service in a service delivery environment. Many of us in technology support understand that customer service is the province of more than just the service desk… everyone has some responsibility to be aware of customer needs and attempting to meet those needs. Customers get their service through our collective efforts, and providing the face of responsiveness, accuracy, and timeliness all demonstrate patterns of success.

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Interesting ITSM Links for the Week: Extra!

Lots of interesting discussions and ideas in the ITSM world this month. As a lot of IT groups in higher education prepare themselves for a new school year, many are taking the time to better understand how they organize, explain, and structure their services. This naturally spills into discussions of how these services align with competing business objectives. Take a look at some of the following interesting explorations in organizing these efforts.

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Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

It’s hot and steamy once again in Washington, DC. These sorts of days make me want to alternately stay indoors and avoid the humidity OR get outside and enjoy the pool. Decisions.

This week’s selection of links is an interesting mix. Have a look: