Interesting ITSM Links: Service Catalog edition

This week’s interesting links discussion focuses specifically on service catalogs. EDUCAUSE provides useful discussions on services routinely, and these links are of particular interest. With so many IT organizations within higher education focusing on business outcomes, insights from various members of the EDUCAUSE organization highlight this change in thinking. The ITIL discussion group had several particularly illuminating conversations this month regarding structure and organization of catalogs in an educational institution context.

Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

Welcome back! This week’s interesting ITSM-related links are heavily weighted toward education-specific topics, EDUCAUSE in particular. A nice selection of items, I think.

As always, please let me know if you find any interesting articles or links worthy of sharing or discussion!


Interesting ITSM Links for the Week

We’re back after a brief pause! As is true with everyone else, sometimes other matters require stepping back from writing.

Here are some interesting links related to ITSM from the last month. This week’s list is heavy on webinars, but that’s because there’s been a lot of interesting activity in that regard recently. The service management community is full of thoughtful, forward-looking commentary. I hope you enjoy these materials as much as I did!